Sunday, October 01, 2006

What a week!

This has been a busy, busy week! Monday through Wednesday I took a job related class (web programming) that made me commute 1.5 extra hours per day. Luckily I could take the train, so I nearly finished my second tiger sock. Thursday night we started job related evening class after work (the first Oracle SQL certification, yes I am a geek), so I came home late.

The Swedish national quilting guild, Rikstäcket, had their annual meeting this weekend in Lund, only an hours drive from here. So of course I had to go! Friday night I took a quilting class (tumbling blocks), so I was home very late, and tired after the night drive. Saturday morning I drove down to Lund again for quilt shopping and quilt watching and another quilting class (freehand machine quilting), that continued all day today. On top of it all I started feeling really queasy on Saturday night and my stomach is still complaining. I hope it's just stress and not a tummy bug.
So I'm totally pooped, no pics today!

Today is the first day of Socktober! Have I knit any socks today? Um, no, I knit a bit on my shawl in front of the telly instead. Only two more rows and then bind off! Back to socks: I've been thinking about my Socktoberfest goals, do I have any? Well, finish the tiger socks of course, then the dragon socks. I ripped and restarted the second one but I've only done an inch or so. After that I feel that have to do the Jaywalkers for M, or maybe some other pattern. The yarn is Lornas Lace's pinstripe in black and grey (yes, he chose it himself) I want the pinstripes to show, but not plain stockinette. Maybe a k3, p1 rib? I'll look through Vintage Socks for ideas I think. Don't know if I'll be able to do anything else this month, we'll see.

Also on a socky note: I *have* to decide what yarn to get for my Knitter's Tea Swap pal! I found some great yarns at Astrid's Dutch Obsessions, but I have to decide exactly which one to get, and then maybe something for me to. She has Trekking XXL and Regia Bamboo which I haven't tried before... The other goodies are bought, well mostly. I really should send out that box this week as it's going overseas. Maybe the recipient

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