Tuesday, January 23, 2007


When we opened the door to leave for work and daycare yesterday, it was snowing! Totally unexpected, though they *had* forecast freezing temps. Good thing that M changed to winter tyres on the car on Sunday! Usually we do it in November or so but this "winter" it hasn't been necessary until now. Weird weather!
This morning it was -7 (Celsius of course) and the kids brought their sleds to daycare, totally happy :-) They better enjoy it while it lasts, above zero temps and rain is predicted shortly :-/

I fixed the bad grafting of the first baby tiger sock and started the second one, cuff is almost done. I'll do my best to finish them before Friday, I want to give them away before baby gets to big...

And I didn't get any packages today either. I want my yarn!!! *pout*

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