Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Double Fleck socks

The Double Fleck socks are finished! I was a bit stressed out that May was coming to an end and no finished socks for SAM3!!! But here they are:

Yarn: Yarn Pirate superwash merino/tencel 50/50 in Rosie
Needles: 2.5 mm Addis, Magic Loop
Pattern: The usual hodge-podge... Toe-up with garter stitch wrapped short-row toe and heel, Double Fleck stitch pattern from More Sensational Knitted Socks, picot edge. 60 sts to the round and I went down to 14 unworked sts for the toe and heel.

I like how these turned out, even though they are not really "me". All pink and pretty and, well, girly. I wanted to try a garter stitch short row heel and toe, so I did. And the Double Fleck pattern with it's purls suited the garter stitch. And then the sock was so pretty that it needed a dainty picot edge. These feels like spring socks to me!

The yarn is shiny from the tencel and slightly slippery. It may be hard to maintain a firm gauge with it, I didn't even try.

This is the second Boyfriend sock, with more accurate colours this time. I mostly work it during daytime, because the yarn is so dark that I have difficulty seeing the stiches properly. I like the Tiny Toes yarn, but it's hard to find any nice colourways I think.

No pic, but I started a baby hat yesterday and it's almost finished! It's this hat from Gro and it's so cute and easy to make! I'm working on i-cords to tie it with. And wondering how long they need to be...

I also feel that I have a cold coming up :-/ Not totally unexpected, because M has had it quite bad recently and E is sneezing and has a very runny nose. I just have an itchy throat and a semi-running nose, but that's how colds usually starts for me. I hope it won't take too long to disappear, spring colds can be tough.

Not that it feels like spring here today, rather like high summer. We had a huge thunderstorm early this morning and then it went hot and humid. Like 29°C hot, which is a lot for May. If this is going to be the norm for summer weather I'm in for a hard last trimester...

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