Sunday, November 11, 2007

Winter already?

The first snow fell on us on Friday evening and Saturday morning. The kids were of course extatic and ran out to play almost before we boring grownups had made it out of bed. Most of the fun melted away of course but we had freezing temps here this morning even at nine am and a few more flurries of snow this afternoon. Real winter (i.e. with snow) rarely arrives before January, so this probably wont stay long.

I started and almost finished a Pirate hat for E's birthday soon.

The horrible blue is the cotton lining, it won't show. The pattern is We Call Them Pirates from Hello Yarn with some mods. I tried it last year but my gauge was way off then so that hat turned out very small. Baby A will get it when he grows into it. Next winter maybe?

The Mystic Waters Shawl KAL is under way. I started it but frogged rather quickly. I had barely begun knitting when I saw the second clue finished and I didn't really like it. So I will not knit it now. Maybe later, I am collecting the pattern. The yarn I used was very nice however, Baruffa Cashwool in a light grey.

Instead I decided to do a Knitspot pattern. But which one...? I have been wanting to knit Casino forever and I have yarn for it, the Bee Fields shawl and stole both are fantastic, I really like Obstacles, and the new Cluaranach. Aaaahhh!

In the end the stash decided for me. I had this fantastic yarn in my stash, merino laceweight from The Plucky Knitter (by way of The Loopy Ewe of course) in a greyish blue, 900 yards. Single ply, so soft. The petite size of Bee Fields shawl calls for exactly 900 yards. I hope I don't run out...

Bee Fields after two repeats of the Bee Hives chart.

I also ordered yarn for both Obstacles and Cluaranach (Dream in Color Smooshy in Ruby Red and Deep Seaflower respectively. Yes, from TLE) So, together with the shawl I'm knitting for mum, I have my lace knitting covered for some time.

Oh and the Loopy sock club is shipping soon. Can't wait!


  1. I love your pirate hat. They are addicting, last year I made 1 for my oldest son and it was downhill from there. Requests came in and now my husband and 3 children each have a pirate hat of thier own in different colorways of course.

    Your shawls are lovely. I think I will have to grab my lace again as your work is inspiring.

  2. Ah, the danger of knitting something too nice ;-) Little sister of course wants a Pirate hat too, so I'm making her one for Christmas (have to co soon!) Good thing that they are relatively quick and easy to make! And fun!

    I'm glad you like my lace. I'm quite addicted to both lace and socks!