Monday, April 14, 2008

Party Sweater

My first handspun knitted project is all done! Behold the Party Sweater:

Pattern: Incredible Custom-Fit Raglan
Size: Current H-size, smallish 4-year-old
Yarn: 18 ounces/500 g of my own handspun superwash Corriedale (Party Dress from Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club December 2007) plied with superwash merino from Wingham Wool Work I was aiming for worsted weight but it turned into bulky. My handspun fluffs up a lot in the wash.
: 5.5 mm Addis
Verdict: Good pattern, except that it would have you make a very snug neck. I didn't. Other than that: no problem. H tried it on several times and once I had to rip because the sweater was too big. Bit at 3 sts/in this thing grew so fast that a little ripping didn't matter much.
See my Ravelry project for more info.




Baby A likes it too :-)

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