Sunday, February 11, 2007

FO and Quilting

Here are my first socks for Sock-a-Month 3:

They are knit in Lana Grossa Meilenweit 6 ply, so they are thick and cosy. The pattern is my own. Toe-up with a round toe from Sensational Knitted Socks, increase to 48 stitches and a short row heel from Wendy Knits. The rib is 4k 2p, and for the cuff I did a twisted 1k 1p rib. Finished with a sewn cast-off. I used 3.25 mm Brittany birch dpn's.

These are the first socks I've finished for my fiance (not the first ones I started, alas!) and when he put them on he didn't want to take them off again. So I think they are ok!

My Baudelaires has been on hold for a while, but they are next in line. Here's the second one:

The Baby Surprise Jacket is looking stranger for every row:

And I've started a new sweater! My first adult size sweater in many years. It's a top-down raglan cardigan using Cosmic Pluto's recipe. I'm using Cascade 220 in a sort of heathered petrol blue , quite nice. I haven't used this yarn before but so far I like it.

Quilting content!
I went to a quilting class yesterday. I haven't quilted in ages but this was really fun. Take one patterned fabric with long repeats:

Put six identical pieces on top of each other and cut equilateral triangles. Sew them together and get this:

and this:
Great fun, all the block turn out different and it's virtually impossible to guess the outcome. As always, me and mom where the only ones with bolder fabrics, all the others in the class had pretty little pastels... Oh well.


  1. I love your blocks. I, like most of your class, would probably tend toward pastels. Your blocks are dynamite with the bright colors. Makes me want to use more brights in my quilting. I am finiding that I want to use more WHITE in my quilts so that it helps to make the other colors brighter. So, maybe I am moving toward brights more. Baby blue just happens to be my favorite color. Again! Beautiful blocks - you have inspired me. Thanks so much for posting them so others can see!


  2. There's nothing wrong with baby blue! Only with this pattern I think there should be contrast so you really see the caleidoscope action. Maybe combine it with dark blue, or brown or red. Also I think this method is best with fabrics with large patterns, tiny dots for example wont generate the cool swirls :-)