Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Broke it

Of course I broke one of those tiny wooden needles. Probably just because I dared to think that they maybe wasn't as brittle as I feared... Shortly after that, just as I had started the second sock I heard a crack. It was a k2tog that did it. So I switched the broken needle for an Addi. But that, or something, made the sock very wide. Much wider than the first on. Rip, rip down to the toe and use 2 mm needles instead. I probably knit looser with metal needles. Normally I'd switch to a circular needle and magic loop, but I'll probably need that needle on Saturday. The first yarn for Sock Madness was published today: one varegiated and one solid fingering yarn. Apparently they test knit with Lorna's Laces. Suit me fine, because I was thinking Lorna's Laces Flame (reds and oranges and yellows) and Opal Uni black for this one. So I'll probably need my size 2mm circ. Or possibly 2.5 mm. I don't have anything useable in between anymore :-/

I'm feeling a bit bad about not having sent out my last Sockret Pal package yet. I need the proper candy. I've got the socks, the yarn, the sock bag, but there must be chocolate too! And my pal has something special that she likes and I want to find it for her. Soon, soon.

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  1. Hello from a fellow Stephanie's Travelling Sock Division member!

    I find I actually knit tighter on metal needles, probably to keep those stitches from sliding!

    Congrats on finishing your first pair - just checking out the competition :)