Monday, March 12, 2007

Speed knitting

I had planned to finish the Corded Rib socks before the weekend but that didn't happen. But the foot is more than half done. I really like this stitch pattern.

But I have to use size 2 mm needles now that that the wooden ones broke. Carrie commented that she knits tighter with metal needles than with wood, but these needles are not slippery at all and very lightweight so I seem to knit looser with them than with the wooden ones, they don't fall out of my knitting anyway. My Addi dpn's on the other hand are very slippery and also very heavy so they fall out all the time, I don't like them at all. But I do like the slipperiness of the Addi circulars, but of course they don't fall out of my knitting.

Today I'm not knitting anything, though, my hands needs resting. Because during the weekend I did this:

The Sock Madness Mad Cow socks! Toe-up, magic loop on 2.5 mm Addis. The yarn is Lorna's Laces in Flames and Opal Uni Black. Flaming Cow socks perhaps? Or Barbecue Socks?
I think there is another Sock Madness pattern calling for one solid plus one varegiated yarn. I'll probably use the same yarns for that one as I've got plenty of leftovers. I haven't weighed the balls but I think there's more than half of the LL left, and the Opal ball was 100 grams to begin with. And I have very few solids in my stash.

I got the pattern around 1 pm on Saturday and of course cast on immediately. I managed to knit most of the day, the kids played nicely and M cooked dinner. It really felt like these socks flew off the needles but I got too tired to finish the first sock on Saturday. I did the last repeat on the leg and the cuff on Sunday morning. I felt that I had less time for knitting on Sunday (and I did the cooking) but I managed to finish the sock in the evening before getting too sleepy. I checked the Flickr group now and then and almost everytime I checked someone had finished their socks. A bit stressful yes. But I did finish among the first 16 in my group, so I'm still in the game :-) It is great fun to see the same pattern knit up in so many different yarn combinations, I don't think I've seen two pairs that are alike yet. I wonder what the next pattern is going to be...

I still can't believe that I knit a pair of socks in two days! Granted, it's plain stockinette even though they are striped and there's only 56 stitches per round, but still!

And here's at least one of the reasons that I was too tired to stay up late on Saturday and finish the sock:

I'm growing a baby! We did the 18 week ultrasound screening today. All seems great so now I feel that I can share it here. If you haven't seen this kind of picture before: the spine is horisontal towards the top, the head is to the right, baby is facing down, the butt is to the left, and you can see the little femur. We saw baby kicking and wawing the little hands, so cute. And there's only one. My mom especially thought that it might be twins because my tummy is rather big already. But I didn't really think so, after all this is my third baby and I'm pretty short-waisted so there is only one way for the baby to grow: outwards!

E and H was very interested in the picture, but I don't think that H understood it much. E on the other hand is interested in skeletons so I think he understood what he saw.
They are very excited about the baby and E said that now we have to take picures of them too and write Big Sister and Big Big Brother on a note :-) So I know what they will get from the new baby when it's born: Big Sister and Big Big Brother t-shirts! But it's a long time until then, I'm not due until mid-August.

I'm off to bed now, I'm tired to the bone. I started pregnancy Pilates classes a couple of weeks ago and the third class was today. The instructor is upping the intensity every time! The first time it was nothing, the second time a little tiring perhaps. Today I felt like I was falling asleep driving home. But it feels great to do at least a little excercising, I haven't been working out for at least a year. I try to take at least a couple of walks every week too, and I will do more as it gets lighter in the evenings. So I hope to get reasonably fit for the delivery!
Good night!


  1. Congratulations! Babies are so great. Hope you're feeling healthy and all is well!

  2. Congratulations! Mostly for the baby but also for the Barbeque Socks (best alternative Mad Cow name yet).
    Jean (golden purl)

  3. Congratulations on the baby, and on making it to round 2 of Sock Madness! I was in the same division -- didn't get my socks done, though.

  4. Congrats, what thrilling news -- and here I thought finishing my Cows was exciting *grin* ... Baby looks beautiful!


    Have you received your sockret package yet? I sent it 6 weeks ago now with a note apologising for the slightly late release of it and... I've not seen you post of your receipt! Can you let me know if it's safe with you yet?