Tuesday, June 12, 2007


1. H is finally out of nappies, yay! Except at night, but that's no big deal and I suspect that she'll be dry at night too soon. It's not a day to soon that she shed the nappies either, she's almost three and a half. But E was almost four before we forced him to quit his nappies. They are stubborn little things, my kids. And you have to admit that it is a nuisance to have to stop playing for a minute and go to the bathroom...

We carefully set H up for quitting 'in the summer, before the baby comes'. Last week summer arrived, so we told her it was time to quit. She objected that the baby wasn't here yet but accepted that she needed to practise before baby arrives. And now she's very proud of herself :-)

Now we don't' have to wash nappies for couple of months! H uses paper things at night, we never found a cloth option that didn't leak at night for her. Too skinny, I suppose.

2. E has learned to ride his bike without training wheels! Except for starting, but other that that he's doing really well. He has been a bit reluctant to try, and he thought it was a bit scary but this weekend he just did it. On Monday and today he even rode to daycare. OK, so you can see the daycare from our house, but still :-)

3. I'm exactly seven months pregnant. Only two months to go. Labour and delivery is starting to feel real...

We still have a few things to fix before baby arrives. The pram needs to be cleaned. Baby clothes have to be dug out of the closets and inspected and washed and we may need to get some more tiny summer things as E and H were born in winter. The cloth nappy stash needs to be checked and completed too, some stuff is falling apart. I need to get some stretchy nursing bras for the first huge days. Other than that I think we are all set.

Except for names... It is so hard to find nice names that are not too common and not too strange. For some reason both M and me have an easier time with girl names, but it is still hard, and we don't know what we are getting anyway so we need both. When E was born we just had one boy name picked (and no girl names at all...) and it suited him so we were fine. With H we still had two or three girl alternatives, so she was nameless for a few days and that was a bit awkward, I'd rather avoid that. On the other hand you don't have to register baby's name for three months...

Knitwise I have almost finished E's socks. I just need to weave in the ends. I ran out of the Scout yarn but I found a perfect match in the stash: Opal uni in a blueberry shade. The heels and cuffs are in Opal, it almost looks intentional doesn't it ;-)

Toe-up with Judy's magic cast-on, 52 sts to the round, instep and leg in a k2, p2 rib, Sherman heel (love. it.), sewn bind-off. Oh, and knit both at the same time on one long circ. The first time I tried that. A bit fiddly in the beginning, next time I think I'll do the toes separately and then put them on the circ, but good when you want to make sure that the socks are the same, and that the yarn doesn't run out on you. I knit from both ends of a center-pull ball.

I have also finished a Sidewinder sock, in Opal Rainbow. I just had to try the pattern when I saw it. Fun to knit, and rather mindless as you only do one thing at the time.

And the fit is great!

I chose a really stripy yarn to make the unusual construction obvoius. Fun!

Pomatomus is one leg long. I'm very happy with the way the yarn behaves, and the patterns is fantastic!

And I got yarn today! From The Loopy Ewe of course :-)

Two skeins of Cherry Tree Hill's new sock yarn Sockittome in Java and Sugar Maple, a skein of Zen String Seredipity in Living Light.

And a skein of super beautiful alpaca laceweight from J.Knits, Lace-a-licious! in Alaska, 4 oz, 1200 yds. I have to find something fabulous to knit with this! Maybe Knitspot's Casino?

It is nearly Midsummer so I checked the sunrise and sunset times: up at about 4.30 am, down at 10 pm. No wonder that it barely has time to get dark before it gets light again...

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  1. a casino WOULD be gorgeous in that yarn!