Wednesday, June 20, 2007


My Sidewinder socks are done!

Pattern: Sidewinders by Nona.
Yarn: Opal Rainbow
Needles: 2.5 mm Addi Lace
Mods: None. I was a bit concerned about the width of the leg but they turned out to fit my legs just fine. I made the 8-9 M size, feet are about 9" around and 9.75" long.

Now I have only two more socks OTN...

I just cast on for the second Embossed Leaves sock. I think I'll finish this one before I tackle the rest of the Pomatomus...

...which now has a shorter leg. I weighed the remaining yarn when I had knit the leg and heel flap. One third already gone and about one quarter knit. No good. So I ripped out one pattern repeat of the leg. It is still long enough I think.

Summer of Socks starts tomorrow. I haven't decided on a specific goal, maybe to knit 2 pairs a month? I won't start anything new tomorrow, I'll finish the socks I'm working on first.

Speaking of sock yarn... I got some stuff from my favourite source today!
The cutest stitch markers, from Entrelac stitch markers. Very light and good for both socks and lace methinks.

And a shawl pin!

So pretty! And I really needed one. I don't like knotting shawls or having to fiddle with them all the time to keep them from falling off. This one is made by Romi. The pin is 3" (7,5 cm) long and the eternity bit is half of that.

What? Why, yes, I got some yarn too.

Lovely laceweight from Perchance to Knit. The colourway is Midnight Rainbow/Harlot's Peacock.

It came with a matching stitch marker too!

There is 500 yards. I'm not sure what I will make of it. Maybe a scarf version of the Box Lace Shawl in Folk Shawls? Suggestions are welcome!

OK, and some sock yarn. Here's Stonebarn Fibers Gypsy Girl Creations fingering weight in Blueberry & cream.

And Misty Mountain Farms Jubilee in Waterfall.

They are both very pretty and I don't know what they will be when they grow up.

I have been playing on Ravelry since I got my invite. It's great fun! I have put up all my needles and hooks (all three of them...), most of my stash and my latest projects. I'm really enjoying to looks for other peoples projects with yarns I have and getting new ideas.

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  1. You could make one of those lacy shawl-like table cloths with the Midnight Rainbow stuff. Or you could border curtains, couch and chair covers with intricate designs. Doll clothes are fun and you could donate those to Deseret Industries or other humanitarian associations. Just some ideas.