Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Knitting and waiting

... for the baby of course! I'm less than 2 weeks away from my due date now and I keep hoping that this one will be at least a little early. Please?

M has started his vacation now and that is So Nice. I can sleep in every morning and rest during the days. Which I really need right now, because I'm tired all the time. Today I also have a very sore back. I overdid things by mowing the lawn this morning... Silly me. But it really needed doing and this was the first day in ages that it was possible because of all the rain we have been getting lately (rain as in puddles on the lawn) And M has a lot of weeding to do, so sore back it is. I hope it is better tomorrow.

I have a finished object! It feels like it was some time ago... I've started a lot lately but not finished much.

Pattern: Curly Purly soaker pattern
Yarn: Garnstudio Alaska, almost 100 g for size small.
Needles: 3 mm, 4mm, 5 mm
Verdict: A very well-written pattern. I'm not sure about what size baby will fit into them, we'll see. The yarn is slightly scratchy, I hope it gets better with washing (I haven't blocked the soakers yet)

The first Wendelin sock is done too.

And the second one is started. These are my almost mindless TV knitting currently so they'll be finished in good time before FIL's birthday in September.

My Mystery Stole has seen some action too. I'm about a fourth into Clue 4 by now and I really like it. I've decided to knit the original length, that should be around 75"/190 cm when blocked.

And my startitis continues... My excuse for starting these Swirl socks is that I need something easy to bring to the hospital for when the baby arrives. I'm planning to stay a couple of nights and rest without the older kids so I'll need something to do. Can't spend *all* the time gazing lovingly at the baby you know ;-)

I'm using the suggested yarn, Cider Moon Glacier in Juneau (which is a bitch to photograph by the way, but the colours are rather accurate here), and it was really hard to put them away. The yarn is so soft and the pattern so fun. And there's only 48 sts to the row so they are fast too :-)

I'm not sure what made me start these Monos Locos though.

It is a toe-up variation of the Monkey pattern. The pattern is nice enough and the yarn too but I think they will be too large for me and the yarn is much darker in one end than in the other (this is the dark end) so they won't match a bit. I think I will frog them and split the yarn in four balls so I can blend the lightness/darkness somewhat. Dunno what pattern I will use though.

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