Monday, August 20, 2007

Socks and a sweater

H's socks are done. She loves them :-)

Pattern: My own: Toe-up with magic cast-on, Sherman heel, stockinette with a little ribbing on the sides of the leg. I increased 4 sts about halfway up the leg. 1k, 1p rib at the top, kept on knitting until I ran out of yarn. I had less than 3 meters left in the end :-)
Yarn: Claudia Handpainted fingering in Carousel, chosen by H.
Needles: 2,5 mm Addi Turbo
Verdict: Nice socks, and quick :-) Love the yarn! I have more in my stash but this is the first time I tried it.

Baby isn't here yet (let's not talk about how today is my due date + 7, ok?) so I'm trying to lure it out by knitting nice things for it. Here's a sweater front almost done:

The back is done too but it's just a square, not much to show off. The pattern is inspired by Kipling. I wanted a larger size and I didn't manage to biggify the pattern so I created my own. I'm calling it Rudyard. If the sweater turns out ok, and if it's ok with Kim I'll make the pattern available here.

Now of course H wants me to knit a sweater for her... Blue and white stripes, she says. I'm thinking top-down raglan with wide stripes. But what yarn...?


  1. hi Malin,
    I wish you good luck for the birth,that everything goes your way and you and your baby have a calm birth.
    I´m new to the Sock 4 an found your bog right now.
    Perhaps you have a little time to answer my question?
    Is there a given pattern to knit or just one that I like ?
    Greetings from Germany Petra

  2. yes you have found me.Where do you get the Patterns for the Kal4 ore can I take any,or do we knit all the same?

  3. Hello from a fellow Swede! :-)

    Gorgeous socks!

  4. Hopefully your baby has arrived yet and the siblings love it.
    Perhaps I ll read something about it soon.
    Greetings from Germany Petra