Friday, November 03, 2006

Day off

Today I have the day off. I'm not allowed to work because of the 24-7 standby last week. I do get paid :-) The kids are at daycare in the morning, I'll pick them up after lunch. M is home sick but he feels a bit bad about invading my free morning so he keeps quiet and away from me.

Autumn is finally here. It was very late in coming this year, but now it's cold and frosty and actually a tiny bit of snow. Beautiful weather today, I'm taking a walk in a bit! With my baby iPod and the Lime & Violet podcast I found the other day. I've listened to the first few episodes and they are *hilarious* Totally nuts and great fun to listen to!

I'm enjoying my handknit wolly socks very much in this weather. They are slim enough for my ordinary shoes and warm enough that I don't have to break out the boots just yet. And fun when I look at my feet :-) I'm wearing the RPM today, still in love with them. But I'm glad that I made the leg longer, for they do fall down the leg a bit. Probably a combination of the spiralling ribbing pattern and that my ankles are rather slimmer than my feet.

I got a bag of yarn from Astrid's the other day, sockyarns and my first Noro!

I started a Harlot Scarf with the Noro and the colour transitions are very nice the first 4 inches. Then there's a knot that makes the yarn jump from deep pink to bright green!

*Not* nice :-( What do I do? I'm thinking of winding the skein in to a ball and try to make the colour changes better.

I'm trying to decide what socks to knit for my Sockret Pal. I have the perfect yarn, Opal Smoke in browns and tans (I just got it from Astrid, see pic above) Not my preferred colours but very nice. But what pattern to make? I'm thinking some not too open lace would be nice, Fir Cone maybe. I swatched Mrs Montague but, nah, not this time.

I'm getting aggravated with the Dragon socks. I don't know if it's visible in the picture, but the second sock keep coming out smaller than the first (this is the second try) and I'm positive that I use the same needles *and* this time I've really made an effort to knit loosely. Grr.

I probably have to frog them and start over with larger needles. Other than that, I like the absolutely non-pooling of this yarn (Fleece Artist), just random little bits of different colours. Very pretty.

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  1. Speaking of socks - your yarn is somewhere in postal land and slowly on its way to me.