Sunday, November 05, 2006


Up until about five or maybe ten years ago Halloween didn't exist in Sweden. The someone realised that you could make money from it and introduced it here. I don't have to buy the pumpkins, no problem there. The thing that aggravates me is the confusion about what date it should be celebrated. In the US Halloween is October 31, right? That's All Hallows Eve or something. Here that's a moving holiday, which means that the actual church holiday is on the first Saturday of November or something like that. This means that we've had costumed kids banging on the door for a week now! Argh! And only one group actually arrived on Tuesday. Also they seems to believe that they are allowed to mess with our mailbox if they don't get goodies on the wrong day.
OK, rant mode off!

Knitting content:
I've made some hats for the kids. First a Shining Star hat for H:

It's the 'child' size, but I removed a couple of repeats to make it shorter. It's plenty big for her, maybe I should have done the 'toddler' size. But she likes it and she will grow :-)
I just love it from above!

I've also made a Pirate hat for E, for his birthday. He turns five in two weeks time. Of course it seems like he was born only yesterday.

Isn't it great? All the kids at daycare are really into pirates these days, so I think he'll like it. I took out one row of skulls, I hope it fits. I'm not blocking it until he's tried it on.
Anyway it's really warm and probably windproof too. It can stand all by itself...
It's great from above as well:
I used leftover Peer Gynt for both hats, so they where practically free (except the cost of the Shining Star pattern of course)


  1. Fina mössor! Kul att se att det finns stickande människor i min, nästan, omedelbara närhet.

  2. My, the hats look fantastic.

  3. My grandson would love a pirate hat! His grammie justs knits him boring red ones.....good job.

  4. Love the Shining Star Hat!! My youngest son would have liked the skull one!! And, what wonderful Koigu socks! I don't think they could make a color I wouldn't like.