Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sockret Package

My first package from my Sockret Pal arrived yesterday. Wheee!

There was a great Australian magazine called Yarn. I have heard of it and I was actually planning to try to find it on my trip there. There was chocolate filled with crunchy honeycomb (now mostly gone, I have to admit) Cute little stitch markers that spell out Y A R N (do I see a theme here?) And they match the actual yarn I also got.

Superwash merino/nylon from Scouts Handpainted Swag! Wow! The colour is called Stormsurge and I can see why. It's not quite as bright as on these pics (still no daylight when I'm home...) but several different grays and blues, love it!

I've been busy with my silk socks. The first ones finished.

Toe-up, Judy's magic cast-on, short row heel, stockinette.

I tried the tubular bind-off for the first time. Me like!

The second one is flying along, I'll reach the cuff in another inch or so. I want these finished before I leave on vacation, and that shouldn't be a problem. The problem is to decide what projects to *bring* on the trip.

I will bring the sock for my downstream Sockret Pal. The plan is to finish both of them while gone, and maybe mail them off too. I'll also bring M's Jaywalkers. They have been sadly neglected lately, but maybe I can finish them before Christmas. For myself I'm thinking Baudelaires, but I haven't decided on the yarn yet. I also want to bring something easy and plain for car journeys and the like. I don't know how much knitting is realistic, but I do have 5 long plane trips ahead, and some car trips. Plus general loafing of course :-) We'll see. And if anyone knows of any yarn or quilt stores in Sydney or around Perth that I mustn't miss, please tell me!

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  1. Oh I am SO GLAD your package arrived! I sent it ages ago and was starting to panic that it had gotten lost somewhere :). There will be another issue of YARN out for you when you are here, and it's in all newsagents that are worth looking in ;). Most in Sydney will have it at least!

    In Sydney - Tapestry Craft is in the city and easy to visit, and there's one in Gordon whose name escapes me right now. In WA there are a couple of great ones apparently!