Sunday, July 08, 2007

Almost vacation

The kids have summer vacation from daycare now. I however work another week, and M another three weeks. Luckily my parents are off next week and staying at the forest cottage so we delivered E and H to them today. Somehow nature seems to have forgotten that it's summer, there has been heavy rains and flooding for the last week or so, it feels more like October than July. I hope it gets better next week, otherwise my parents will probably go nuts coping with two restless kids...

Of course I'll miss them but I'm looking forward to sleeping whole nights without H waking me up, sleeping in on Saturday and probably Sunday too, *and* going to the movies twice (Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter!) After this leisurely week I have vacation alone with the little darlings for two weeks before M starts his. Not very restfull, I imagine. Fingers crossed for better weather!!!

I spent most of the day knitting so I finished the Mata Hari socks:

This morning I had just the toe of the second sock and now they are done! The wonder of sport weight yarn:-)
Pattern: Mata Hari Note that this is just a stitch pattern, not a full sock pattern.
: Claudia Handpainted Sport in Caribbean Blue.
Needles: 3.25 mm Brittany Birch dpn's
Made for: Well, me, but they turned out too big. Mum tried the finished on today and said they fit and she liked them so they are hers.
Verdict: I like the stitch pattern but I messed up the rest. I tried Wendy's gusset heel for the first time and I started it too late for it to fit properly. Also the socks are a bit too wide.
I love the yarn, the colours are amazing with absolutely no pooling.

I managed to take a (not very good) picture of the Pomatomus too:

You can't see it in this crappy picture but I shortened the leg to two pattern repeats instead of three as there didn't seem to be enough yarn otherwise. The *bad* thing about top-down socks!

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  1. Enjoy your vacation and your socks are beautiful! Keep on knitting.