Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Of scarves and socks

I finished an old WIP today, because I wanted the needle it was on... It's the Harlot scarf I started in December.

Pattern: One Row Handspun scarf from the Yarn Harlot.
Yarn: Noro Kureion, three skeins.
Needle: 5 mm circ
Size: about 15 cm by 2 m.
Verdict: Very nice stitch pattern, and you can knit it in your sleep. The yarn is a bit scratchy and (mostly) very loosely spun with thick parts and thin parts. I'm not entirely happy with that but it does add interest to the fabric. And the colour transitions are cool:

I wanted that needle for the Highland Trangle shawl from Folk Shawls. I have done the first 25 rows or so and it is very pretty! No pic yet though.

I also have two finished single socks, both cast on for Summer of Socks. Here's the first Cable Rib sock:

I'm very happy with this one! The second one is at half the foot already, but I'm getting slightly worried that the yarn will run out :-/ but on the other hand I'm knitting size 39 and the yarn label states that one ball is enough for a pair of socks in size 46, which is way bigger. So I have good hope. And I'm knitting fast, because then I will finish before the yarn runs out, right?

And here's the first Claudia Mata Hari sock:

I'm not as happy with this one. I'm not used to knitting socks with sport weight yarn and this is the first time that I have tried Wendy's new gusset heel so they feel a bit big. But I think I'll keep them. If I decide that they are to big after all I can always give them to Mum :-)

We spent the weekend at my FIL's house. On Saturday we went to Liseberg, a large amusement park in Gothenburg. A great time were had by all! And the kids went on rides I never thought they would dare. Even E, who normally is rather cautious. We where totally exhausted afterwards.

On Sunday FIL asked me what to do with MIL's craft stash, one tightly packed closet. She passed away recently and I'm the only one interested in crafting in the family. I just took a quick look now but promised to do more later. I'm afraid most of the yarn is acrylic, which I don't like, but I know that there are some wool in there. We'll see. Now I just came away with two balls of Regia sock yarn.

This is a Mini Ringel, which I think means thin stripes. At least there are thin stripes on the picture! I think I'll turn these into socks for FIL, either for his birthday in September or for Christmas. I'm not entirely sure of his foot size so I want to find a stretchy pattern that suits the striped yarn. Of course I could do just a plain rib but I'd rather find someting more interesting. Maybe Broadripple? Or is that too feminine? I don't like Jaywalkers (sorry) and they apparently aren't very elastic either. Hmm, I'll have to think about this.

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