Monday, September 25, 2006

Commuting is Good

... at least for sock knitting! We spent the weekend at our cottage in the forest with my parents and I knitted in the car for about an hour on the way there, and a little one of the evenings. Today I commuted almost 1 hour each way by train: more knitting. This is the second tiger sock now:

I was at the stitch marker before we left for the cottage, now I have done the gusset and am about to start the heel turn. I have two more days of train riding this week, I might finish that sock!

I have eight rows left on my Leaf Lace shawl, I'm almost done! But these last few rows are s l o w. I haven't decided on my next shawl project yet, but I'm tempted by Miriams designs, maybe the Mountain Peaks shawl and really use lace weight yarn, maybe red? I have never used lace weight yarn before and I certainly don't have it in my stash. I have to search around the net for some info, I think. This town is really boring, craftwise. We do have a couple of yarn stores, but they mostly have acrylics and novelties and some very standard wools. There are a couple of shops that sell patchwork fabrics and supplies, but it's not their speciality and they don't have much. So, I *love* the internet!

I got the name of my pal/spoilee for the Knitters Tea Swap the other day! I have sent an anonymous email for reassurance. No I'm just waiting to hear from my other pal, my spoiler! I have looked through my pal's blog, and checked the presentation on the swap blog and I have some ideas. We'll see what I can come up with :-)

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  1. hey, have you heard from your tea swap pal yet? I'm wondering if I'm the only one who still hasn't...