Monday, September 11, 2006

Compatibility problems

The new Knitty is up! And there are some nice patterns, and some not so nice of course. I really like these socks (and they come in size that fits me!), this wrap, this kid's sweater, this wrap-around sweater, and these socks.

I've notices a problem with my sock yarn stash and the patterns I fall for lately. I like socks with texture, cables, lace, fun ribs. These patterns don't show very well in varegiated or self patterning yarns. I don't have any solid sock yarn in my stash. I think I need to do some shopping... Just you wait until I get to know who my swap partners are. I have to shop for them, so then I can shop for me to (just to save on shipping of course ;-) Mmmm, I need me some Lorna's Laces solids I think.

I'm trudging on with the Leaf Lace shawl. I have one row left on the 11th repeat. Just one more to go I think. It's difficult to judge how big it is getting. I want it big, warm and cosy, but I also want to have enough yarn for the edging. I seem to have plenty of yarn though. I'm just running out of the fifth ball and I have four left, so I should be good for another couple of repeats if I want to. We'll see.

I have almost decided to rip the second Dragon sock. It is a bit smaller than the first one so I really have no choice. Blah.

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