Monday, September 04, 2006

Good news and bad news

M and I attended a wedding this Saturday (one of his cousins) and had to drive about 4 hours each way. I don't like driving much but luckily M does so I didn't have to. I've always found long car trips a bit boring, because I can't *do* anything, I tend to get car sick, reading is out of the question. This time a brought some knitting just to try and see how it worked. It worked beautifully! I could knit a lot without getting sick at all, probably because I didn't stare down at the work all the time as I usually do. Instead I really made an effort to knit without looking.

So the good news is that I've made good progress on my tiger sock.

The bad news is this:

Just as we got home I realised that I had forgotten to purl black over black, twice. First some 14 rows down and then about five rows down. I refuse to rip out all that! So I dropped the stitches instead. The two spots overlapped so I first dropped five stitches and reknit them on dpn's about halfway up again. The I dropped two more at one end of the others and knitted everything back up.

There a couple of small ladders but I think they'll disappear in washing and blocking.

On Sunday we visited Quiltköping in a nearby town. It is an event with a small exibition, vendors and classes. I didn't take any classes, but I spent some money :-) And took pictures. So my next post will have quilty pictures!

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