Monday, August 07, 2006

Diamond Fantasy Shawl and Socks in Progress

Today was my first day working after three weeks of vacation. I was a bit tired when the clock started making a noise this morning, yes... Fortunately (?) we have lots to do at work right now so time passed quite fast. The kids were eager to get back to day care again, they have been missing their friends lately. So we're back to normal. And in less than 4 months we go to Australia :-)

This is my first lace project ever, the Diamond Fantasy Shawl. It's my first shawl too. I did 8 repeats, so it's in between the two sizes suggested in the pattern because the larger size seemed so very large. Now I think it could have been bigger so my next one will be really large :-) But it is a nice size for just something light over the shoulders.
The yarn is Opal Hagebutte, slightly more than one 100 g skein, and I used a Addi 4 mm circular needle. I really enjoyed knitting this, and I didn't have to rip or tink hardly anything :-)

The border is knitted at the same time as the main patterns, so when you're at the top you're done, which is nice.
I'm eager to begin another lace shawl. I got the pattern for the Leaf Lace Shawl a while ago and yesterday I ordered the yarn for it. Hopefully I'll get it this week. It's a DK weight yarn in heathered grey, Peer Gynt from Sandnes. I've knitted I couple of sweaters in it and really like it. I will make the largest size so this will be a big cosy shawl for winter :-)

Here's the first of the Ladybug socks for H:

And here's the second one:

The stripes don't match but I don't mind that. The yarn is Opal Ladybug. It's a bit more pink than it looks in the picures (at least on my screen) The ball is 100 grams so there should be enough for Ladybug socks for myself too. I'm sure H will enjoy having the same socks as mommy :-)
I think I will try to do both my socks at the same time with magic loop. I'm doing H's socks magic loop and really like it but I haven't tried two at the same time.

I'm also working on Here There Be Dragon socks in yummy Fleece Artist merino.

The leg is almost finished. I'm making the smaller size. At first I thought I would need the larger size but it turned out absolutely huge when I tried it, so rip, rip! This one is very snug but not too small I think. I'm having an awful time with the pattern though. Somehow I keep forgetting to do increases or
decreases so I have to tink :-( And I had to redraw the chart because I found it difficult to read at a glance. I simply changed the symbol for 'knit' from vertical line to empty square, much easier for me.

My third sock on the needles are a pair of Jaywalkers for M. No pic, because they are going to be ripped. I realised that I've done the double decrease in the wrong manner so it doesnt look as it should. Oh well. I love the yarn anyway, Lorna's Laces, very soft and nice to knit (M chose the colour: black and grey...) I'm knitting the toe-up version because I'm paranoid, as always, about running out of yarn before the second one is finshed. This way I can just cast off when the first skein is running out and start the other one in peace!

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  1. halloj, jag stickar oxå på den sjalen, tycker den är lite jobbig lär mej inte mönstret utantill, jag stickar den i kauni i gråa nyanser