Tuesday, August 15, 2006

No knitting

No knitting today :-( Yesterday at work (I sit at the computer all day) I suddenly developed an intense pain in my right hand. It was allright last night, gone this morning, but returned as soon as I startd working. I'm afraid I'm getting carpal tunnel syndrome or something. I actually quit a bit earlier than planned today and searched town for wrist supports. I didn't find anything fantastic, but I'm picking up the best one tomorrow. In the meantime: no knitting, and minimal computer time.

But I got a box from Amazon today: Barbara Walkers knitting treasuries, so my evening is OK anyway :-)

I finished H's Ladybug socks yesterday. They are definitely fraternal :-)

The size is for a 2 and a half year old (tomorrow!). There is definitely enough yarn left in the ball for a pair of socks for me too. I think I'll try to make them a bit more identical though.

I was good and organised my circular needles the other day. I used to keep all my knitting needles in a plastic bag, but no more! I got some small ziploc bags and put each size needle in its own bag with the size and lengths written on it. And a while ago I made a roll for the dpn:s, so now I'm very organised :-)

The roll is very easy to make. The outside is a fat quarter folded in two, sew around the edges (leave a hole) and turn. Topstitch around all edges. The pockets is one half of a fat quarter (more or less) also folded in two, sewn, and turned. Then sew the pocket to the outside and sew straight seams for the pockets, smaller at one end, larger at the other. Attach a ribbon at one end. Finished!

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