Wednesday, August 09, 2006


No pictures today, I'm irritated after having spent 1 hour(!) putting H to sleep. Argh! She's actually been quite good lately, after letting go of her midday nap. Today however she fell asleep at daycare, sitting in her chair, in the middle of the afternoon snack. She only slept for about 15 minutes but that ruined my evening :-( I so do not believe in 'crying it out' methods for getting kiddies to sleep but man! she is aggravating.

I found some new blogs today (new for me, that is) Miriam is the designer of the Icarus shawl and many other things. I have skimmed her archives and she has many patterns I'd like to try, both free and for sale. Her blog led me to Margene's, which led me to Nona's. I have just looked a little at their blogs but they seem very nice and full of information, and patterns. Look what I found at Nona's! The neatest gloves knit top down with i-cord fingers (no dpns! with just a few stitches on each) I just have to try these *very* shortly! Even though we've had a fantastic summer with temps above 25 C and even over 30 C (that's around 80 F) for weeks and weeks, autumn is approaching fast.

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  1. Wow, I love the sites you've found. You must have had a very productive search. I love the colours on your shawl and am very envious of that.