Sunday, August 27, 2006

This and that

I've been vaguely interested in Crocs since I first saw them, but never tried them on. But when Wendy showed hers and mentioned that they where good for wearing handknit socks as they are supposed to fit loosely I of course had to check them out for real. The verdict: Very light, very comfy, and ridiculously expensive here in Sweden. They cost 30 USD on the US website. Here they cost about 80-90 USD!!! No way. So I'm looking for sources on the net. Any tips on good retailers that ship internationally? I'll have to check ebay too of course.

I've made some sock and shawl progress, but nothing finished. I've done half the leg of the second dragon sock.

It looks slightly smaller than the first one but it still fits, so I try not to worry about it :-)

I also started a pair of tiger socks!

The yarn is Opal Rainforest Tiger on 2.5 mm Addis, magic loop. I started with Judy's magic cast-on. The first round was a bit fiddly, the loops where tight as per the instruction, but then it was easy. I saw that Theresa made tiger socks where she purled black stitches that end up on top of other black stitches. I like the effect so I'm doing that too. It doesn't happen very often but it does give some depth to the fabric.

I've completed eight repeats (of twelve) on the leaf lace shawl. No pic, it is almost impossible to get a good one at this stage, it's just a grey rag. I've just started on the fourth ball (of nine), which should mean that I've completed a third of the thing. I downloaded a shawl calculator from somewhere (sorry I can't remember where) and it says that I'm 44% along. We'll see.

BTW you may notice that the Jaywalkers are not in progress anymore. I realized that I had made the decreases in the wrong way so it didn't look like it was supposed to, so I ripped them. I've made a new category for them.

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