Saturday, August 12, 2006

Works in progress

I've made some progress on my Dragon socks, I turned the heel. The pattern recommend doing a short row heel with yarnovers so I tried that for the first time. It look OK and was maybe a little less fiddly than the double-wrap method I've tried earlier. I enjoy the Fleece Artist yarn very much.

I cast on two new projects this week. Thursday I got the yarn I ordered for the Leaf Lace shawl, so I started that one of course. I've finished the first chart. The yarn is quite rustic looking, grey tweed with flecks of black and white.

Then I stumbled upon the Knucks KAL, so I just had to start those as well! I bought the yarn when that issue of Knitty was released but hadn't started yet. Now they should be finished when I need to use them. I got the Rowan tweed called for in the pattern in a sort of grey with white and blue flecks. Very soft and nice.

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  1. Delar dina passioner för stickning och quiltning till fullo. Var köpte du mönstret till Leaf Lace shawl? Går det via post eller mail?