Saturday, December 30, 2006

I'm back!

We came home Thursday morning, but I haven't had the energy to blog until today. I'm still rather tired, eight hours time difference takes some time to adjust to. The kids woke at three this morning... No joke.

First we spent two days in Singapore doing mostly nothing, because we managed to eat or drink something stupid the first day so the kids got sick early in the morning. Me and M didn't feel too well either :-( So the day that we had planned to "do" Singapore was spent sleeping in a hotel room. Oh well.

Australia was fantastic of course. Friendly people, awesome nature, beautiful cities, great food. We stayed in Sydney for four days (way to short time!) and then on to Perth and the cousins for three weeks. The first of those weeks were spent 250 k south exploring wineries, beaches and such.

I must confess that I knit almost nothing even though I had packed loads of projects. At least I now have decided what to do with some of my yarn :-)

And I got my second Sockret Package! It arrived (on a Saturday no less, we don't get mail on Saturdays in Sweden) just before Christmas. My (not so) secret pal lives in Australia so she took the opportunity to save on postage. I haven't any pictures yet, but I got four balls of yarn (including one of her own hand dyed!), a handmade journal, a little pattern book from the knitting guild in South Australia and a 10" Addi Turbo! It will be interesting to try that one out! Thank you so much, Pal!