Monday, March 09, 2009

Marching on

I keep writing blog posts in my head but, somehow, they don't get posted... The family is back in the real world now, with two working parents and three kids in daycare/school. Add evening activities for two of the kids and a very sick grandparent and you have busy, busy weeks. I tend to spend my spare time knitting (and Raveling!) instead of blogging.

I've been knitting a lot but not finishing much. I seem to be starting new things instead of finishing the old ones. Hmm. Though I have finished the Noro sock shawl (one skein made a largish scarf)

and a pair of socks, Chevvy from Knitting Socks With Handpainted Yarn (interesting pattern, the fit is amazing, and a great book).

Oh, and a pair of fingerless mittens from leftover sock yarn.

And a small Clapotis.

Wait, I did a pair of worsted weight bedsocks for Mum (Dream In Color Classy from my Twist cardigan).

And a vest.

Ok, so it seems like I finish some stuff after all...

I'm very happy with the vest! Of course it's inspired by Brooklyntweed's vest but I worked it top down without steeks. I have steeked things in the past, no biggie, but I didn't feel like it this time, and I was unsure about the proper fit of a vest so I wanted something I could try on as I went along. I managed to make the striping work rather well without the steeks.

The striping yarn is Noro Silk Garden (yum!) and the solid is Dream In Color Classy. I used the design-you-own-sweater-with-inset-sleeves (but without the sleeves) from the back of Custom Knits. This is a *very* good book. Highly recommended. Lots of good information on fitting sweaters, lots of great patterns and lots of info on designing your own. Most patterns are worked top-down which makes it so easy to try as you go and make adjustments if needed.

The Cobblestone is still OTN. I have to force myself to work on it, don't know why really. I mean, the yarn is nice, the fabric is nice and I want DH to have it *now*. Though it is rather fiddly to work with at this stage. I'm knitting both sleeves at the same time, magic loop, on my longest Harmony cable. But it is only 120 cm/47" long so the sleeves are a bit crowded. Anyway, all the increases are done and I only need to work another 3 inches or so. Then I get to lengthen the body by an inch and put it all together! I expect it will be more fun after that. Short-rows and decreases and everything.

I have finished the main part of the Domino Sunset shawl and the top edging. I guess I'm about halfway through the side edging. I picked up about a million stitches all along the side edges, then I increased in every other stitch to make a sort of gentle ruffle. Now it is a race to see what I will run out of first, patience or yarn!

For more info on my projects, please see my Ravelry project page!