Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sewing machine competition

Symaskineriet is giving away a brand new sewing machine!

Exactly what I need for mending the kids' trouser knees. My fancy quilting machine (also a Janome) doesn't have the free arm needed for that. This little one would be Perfect!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Isn't this the cutest thing?!

A jellyfish for your gear shift thingy. Don't know how practical it is but it is sooo cute :-) I found it here. The text is in Swedish but it just says to start at the top and crochet so the jellyfish fits the top of the stick. Increase a lot on the last few rounds to get the curly edge.

Monday, October 11, 2010

This and that

I received my project bag swap bag, yay! It has an interesting construction with a long handle to carry crosswise (which I definitely prefer, it keeps the hands free) a hidden pocket on the back and a very retro moose embroidery on the front :-) Thank you so much Petra!

Soooo, what am I working on? Let's see... I finished the body on Dad's sweater and started on a sleeve.

Nevermind that his birthday was last week, he'll get it when it's done. Did I mention that I'm no good with deadline knitting?

And I started Mothed from the new Knitty in a lovely blue Felted Tweed. No pics yet but it doesn't look like much yet anyway. I'm planning to modify the pattern a little. There are no extra stitches at the underarm so I will add that, I think it will stretch otherwise. I may also add some waist shaping or maybe just some extra space for the hips :-o We'll see. The great thing about top-down sweaters is that you can try them on and adjust as needed.

I went to a twined knitting class with Elisabeth last Tuesday so I'm working on a pair of twined wristwarmers. I'm almost done with the first one.

This one is from the class handout. The other one will be same, same, but different. Same colours, same pattern placement but different patterns. It is a slow technique, at least for a beginner :-) but I enjoy it. I want to make mittens and a hat, it should be nice and windproof.
There isn't much litterature on twined knitting but one of the classics, Tvåändsstickat by Dandanell & Danielsson, has just been reprinted so I ordered that, it should arrive this week. I also got a booklet at the class, Tvåändsstickat - grunderna (the basics) by Berit Westman.

I finally finished the pink socks I started a year ago!

Pretty and only slightly too long in the foot (but I don't think DH would want them). I will start the heel a little earlier the next time I use the Fleegle heel.

This pretty yarn at Tant Thea practically forced me to knit a hat and matching mittens. I love the colours and the striping!

The hat is Symetrie by Woolly Wormhead and the mitts are One Koigu Mitts, a free pattern I found on Ravelry. They are extra interesting because all the thumb increases are on the palm side so the stripes are uninterupted on the back of the hand. The yarn is a Regia sock yarn, Design Line Jazz Colours, and two balls were enough for both hat and mittens.


Heart of Wales:

This one is for my sister, for Christmas or her January birthday, we'll see. Loved knitting this, I have to make one for myself too.


Icelandic Feather and Fan:

Absolutely huge, a monster, 290 cm (114”) across and 110 cm (43”) down the spine, but so light and warm and cosy, if slightly scratchy. Made from Icelandic unspun yarn, Plötulopi. I want to make a sweater out of that!

Simple City:

Yes I am addicted to Zauberball! This little shawl/scarf is made from one ball, alternating two rows from one end and two rows from the other end. Yum, I love it! It took absolutely forever to bind off the ruffle though.

12 WIPs, but two of those are just waiting to be blocked (a shawl and a scarf) and 19 Hibernating. I have moved some projects between the categories and started some new ones.