Monday, November 10, 2008


For any fellow Swedes: Tummelisa has a lottery on the blog. You can win one of two 250 SEK gift cards. Not bad! Go there and enter (or not, so I get a bigger chance at the prizes ;-)

I went to my first ever spinning class this past weekend. Two and a half wool filled days. We learned about different kinds of Swedish sheep and tried their wool. We learned about the whole process from dirty fleece to finished yarn. Washing, carding, combing wool. Spinning on drop spindle and wheel. I can't say that I learned anything new about spinning, but I practised, and I learned a lot about Swedish wool and I tried combing and using a drum carder. I think I need to order some wool... Åddebo Ull and Ull i Sverige were mentioned as good sources. I'm on a yarn diet until Christmas, does that include fiber...?