Monday, November 14, 2011

New blog

I have started a new blog: Hillevi Handmade. Please check it out! For a new start maybe, and for publishing my patterns. I have designed patterns for the classes I teach and I'm putting them up for sale on Ravelry. One pattern is already up, Klara, the classic sock (in Swedish only at this time) more are on their way.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blogging again

I am missing the blog, so here goes!

On the needles
I have no intentions of reeling off everything I have knit since my last post in February... As usual I have about a million WIPs on Ravelry (see sidebar!) but I'm just working on a few at the time.

First out is my Casual Cardigan in Zauberball Stärke 6, the colour is called Pause in Blau. It is a light sportweight and I'm using a 3.5 mm needle for the main parts and 3 mm for the garter stitch edgings.

Casual Cardi

I originally started this cardigan about a year ago, trying to do a one piece top-down set-in sleeve but it didn't work out too well. I miscalculated the ease and it ended up much tighter than I wanted it. So I ripped it all out and started over as a simple top-down raglan with plenty of ease, following the recipe in the back of Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard. Lots of nice patterns and great instructions in this book, highly recommended! She has a new book out now, Custom Knits 2, and I'm tempted...
I am striping two rows from one ball and two rows from another to break up the colours a bit. This time I love the result! A light-weight simple no fuss wool cardi to wear with jeans. The body is all done, and I'm halfway down the first sleeve.

I have started a pullover for my eldest son using the same instructions. He wanted random stripes in blue and green, so that's what he's getting. The yarn is Kampes 3-ply, a worsted weight, bought at Kampes factory shop last summer. 4 mm needle.

Eskil's stripy pullover

I got yarn for the other kids at the same time, so I will knit sweaters for them too after this one is done. I have two similar colours for my youngest son, I figured he would probably want something like his brother's, and a red for my daughter. She will want something girly I expect, I'm thinking lace vertical lace stripes.

I'm also working on a Catkin shawl. The pattern caught my eye immediately when it came out on Ravelry but I resisted for the longest time. Until I saw Wendy on Knit 1 Heart Too knit it. Then I just had to buy the pattern and cast on! I'm using some very old stash yarn, doubled up Jaggerspun Zephyr in steel grey and denim blue. 50-50 wool silk, it's absolutely gorgeous!


The patterns says not to use drapey yarns, so I'm trying to knit it firmly on 3.5 mm needles, because I couldn't find my 3.25 mm. Love it so far. I'm a few rows into chart 1, second try. My first try at the chart didn't work at all, My knits and purl were very off, no chevrons anywhere... No I checked and double checked the first two rows and after that you can start to see the pattern and the slipped stitches so it's much easier.

Finally I have a very long-term project, I started a Beekeeper's quilt. Except I'm not stuffing my hexagons. I am so glad I found this pattern, it is an excellent project for all my sock yarn leftovers, of which I have many!


I did start a leftover pi-shawl some years ago, but I'm not really liking it, this blanket is much better and more useful. I may rip out the shawl to use the yarn for this blanket instead. I want to make a lap blanket for my knitting corner couch, to drape over it for some colour and to snuggle up in when it's chilly. I have about 15 hexies right now, I have no idea how many hundred I'll need for a blanket. Long term!

Off the needles
I joined the Knitspot Fall in Full Color Club that runs from August to January, and I finished the first project yesterday, it just needs blocking. The August project, Long Shadows, is a lace scarf or stole in a beautiful and soft merino/silk/cashmere yarn, Nona from Spirit Trail Fiberworks. I have knit the scarf version, it just needs blocking.

Long Shadows

The scarf is knit in two halves and grafted in the middle. That was... interesting. I have never grafted lace before, and there where also garter stitch lace edges and purl stitches to get to look nice. I think it came out well, we'll see after blocking.

I just love Anne Hanson's patterns and she always chooses amazing yarns, I just couldn't resist to join her first club even though it was rather expensive, especially with the double yarn option... The September yarn and pattern arrived last week. I'm not 100% thrilled with either so I'm not casting on right now. The yarn base is another lovely merino/cashmere/silk blend but I'm not crazy about the greenish yellow colourway. The pattern is nice but I have a load of other shawl on the needles already.

Soon to be on the needles
As I mentioned I'm going to knit sweaters for the other kids. I have also Great Plans for sweaters for me! I have been hoarding sweater yarns for a while now... First out after my Casual Cardi is done is Baby Cables and Big One Too. I have some very nice Amy Butler Belle Organic DK in a red/purple for it. After that I want to knit up some Malabrigo Twist I got this summer, maybe Acer? And when I saw the cover sweater on Interweave Knits Weekend 2011 I simply had to have it! The Spoked Cardigan is knit sideways in Noro Kureyon, and I love it. My LYS has Noro, I have to go check colours.

And of course, now that autumn is here I feel the urge to knit hats and mittens and cowls and ...

Various and sundry
Tomorrow is Uppstickaren, a knitting and yarn event here in Helsingborg. Very exciting and fun that something like that is happening here in my town. My LYS Tant Thea is one of the minds behind it. Now, what knits should I wear...?

Monday, February 07, 2011


Yesterday I finished my Hermione socks. Happy as a clam I bound off and fastened the ends on both socks and held them up to admire them. Hang on, isn't the second one awfully short...? Yes... for some unfathomable reason I had started the ribbing on the second sock a full inch before I did on the first one. Ack! I know that I checked my notes to see how long I made the first one (6") but for some reason the number 5 got stuck in my head. So today I ripped out the BO and 2 inches of ribbing and began to lengthen the leg.

On a happier note I managed to block my Calais shawl today, so that's one WIP down.

I have 15 WIPs now, and 19 Hibernating (but I'm going to frog a couple of those for sure). I'm trying very hard to finish more projects than I start but somedays it is really hard.

I remembered to photograph the shawl and wristwarmers that I had forgotten. Here they are:

Scrunched up entrelac shawl
Entrelac shawl nice and tidy
Neat upper edge
Twined wristwarmers

Friday, February 04, 2011

Is this still on...?

Hello? Anyone there? Oh well...

I'm happy to report that I am finishing things! I had a period before my winter vacation when I felt like I never finished anything and started project after project after project. I only knit on two projects during my five vacation weeks and got used to that (who knew, dedicated knitting on a single project will see it finished rather quickly) Now I feel really disciplined (most days) and try to work on just a few projects to actually finish them. So far it's been going well. I've finished two pairs of wristwarmers and two shawls since coming home mid-January. OK, so one shawl just needed blocking and one set of wristwarmers just had a million ends to weave in plus a severe need of blocking to make them the same size :-o

Entrelac wristwarmers

Cheques shawl/scarf
(I just realised that I have forgotten to take finished pictures of the two other projects, bad me!)

I have also been knitting along on Dad's sweater, which I'm rather bored with now. It's a top down raglan, the body is all done and I'm almost done with the first sleeve. So not too much left there, I just need to get going and Do It. I probably won't be finished with it when he comes back from his (much longer than ours) vacation in two weeks time though.

Speaking of sweaters, I have decided that I personally need more pullovers and cardigans. Consequently I have cast on four new shawls (shut up! one is a class sample and it's already finished except for blocking, so there) My Mothed is coming along fine though. I have just started the bottom edging. I decided that I don't want a rolled edge at the bottom so I'm doing the neck edge there too as I love the look of the neck. Then it's on to the sleeves!

While I didn't find a single open yarnstore in Australia I still managed to come home with yarn for at least three sweaters. I cheated and ordered from Bendigo Woollen Mills... I have bought yarn from them before, and knit two sweaters from it. Now I got their Classic 8-ply in a dark grey for a cabled pullover I think, possible of Alice Starmore persuasion (have you seen her Aran book?! I love it!), the Classic 5-ply in a deep red and in a silver grey. The red will probably become a Leaving cardigan, I have no definite plans for the silver grey. Of course I still plan to knit something hysterical and stranded with my Rainbow Kauni yarn. So I have all the resources I need for knitting sweaters!

Red yarn
I love to knit while listening to podcasts or watching videos. My favorite podcasts right now are Electric Sheep and The Knitmore Girls. I listen to others but these are the best I think. I also watch a couple of vidoe podcasts that I really recommend: Round The Twist and The Knitgrllls. All can be found on iTunes. I happened to buy myself an iPad for Christmas while we where away (better prices in Australia that at home) so when the kids are in bed at night and DH watch boring TV shows I curl up in my studio and watch knitting stuff on my iPad and knit away. Or I watch my favorite episodes of Firefly! The iPad is really neat, I put my pattern pdf's there so I don't have to print them and I use GoodReader to mark where I am in the pattern and on charts and stuff. Really great! There are also a couple of knitting magazines available for download on Zinio and the iPad works really well for reading them.