Friday, February 26, 2010


I've been itching to write a blogpost for ages but, as always, something else gets the attention. Kntting, family, knitting, work, and knitting mostly. I have loads of ongoing projects and I seem to cast on more every week without finishing as many. Heard that before...? However, this is my hobby and I refuse to have a bad conscience for knitting whatever I want!

The LYS situation here in Helsingborg has been rather sad but it improved tremendously last Saturday when Tant Thea opened. This is a modern yarn store, with lots of variety and hardly any acrylic :-) Drops yarns yes, but also Schoppel-Wolle, Colinette, Noro, Fyberspates, Aade Lõng, and more. The store is full of yarn but there is room enough to really see it. Classes and knitting groups are on the horizon. Fun, fun!

I must confess that I have already bought three different Aade Lõng yarns, some Zauberball, Colinette Jitterbug and a beautiful skein of Fyberspates Nef Lace

Burnt Orange, alpaca, silk and cashmere, how could I resist!? I think it will become Bitterroot.

To my defence I have definite plans for most of it (in fact I have already cast on a sock and a shawl, see below) and I really want this store to stay in business! I also haven't bought much yarn for a long time. Except nine balls of bulky yarn for a cosy shawl (see below too) from one of the other yarn stores in town that have 30% off everything because the owner is retiring and closing down. I won't miss that store though. Not inspiring at all, neither the yarn nor the owner. Nice but not very helpful. The helpful person in that store is now working at Tant Thea instead :-)

Here's my new Colinette Jitterbug sock:

and my Revontuli shawl in Aade Lõng Artistic:

There has been much shawl knitting here lately, I'm on a shawl kick :-) Also I joined the Ravelry group 10 shawls in 2010, so I have 10 shawls to knit this year. That won't be a problem, the group requirements are very low. Only two shawls have to use more than 500 meters of yarn, the rest have to use more than 250 meters. So I have finished three already. Here's Clothilde:

And number 4, 5, 6, and 7 are OTN... Told you about the startitis! One is a mystery KAL (Evenstar), with a clue every two weeks (#2 is due tonight in fact),

one is miles of plain garter stitch at this point,

one is a big bulky lace shawl,

and one is the Revontuli I *had* to cast on when I got the yarn. They complement each other nicely I think. Do check my Ravelry page for more info and pics! I'm much better at updating there than here...

Knit on, and prosper!


  1. Yes, isn't Tant Thea lovely!
    Perfect store, grate staff!

    So much nice stuff you just die to buy and do something with...

    I bought some Colinette Jitterbug yesterday as well... It's going to be a hat and a scarf.
    Nice to see how it looks when knitted! :-)

  2. Wow vilken inlägg och vilken stickning! Du tog verkligen sats efter lite "radioskugga"! Tack för de fina orden och vad gör man med en butik utan supertrevliga kunder?
    Kollar in kurserna i Malmö på mässan. När skall du gå? Hör av dig!

  3. I love your new yarns!!

    I am finally starting to work on some projects for myself.. (sort of).. at least, it is my goal to do that this year.