Friday, August 20, 2010

Camera cosy

I got a new camera for my birthday in May but it came without a cover. So I made one. My little camera (Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ10, Swedish link) is rather fat and I didn't find a pattern that fitted it well, so I made up my own. I really recommend the camera by the way. It has a fast 25-300 mm zoom lens, image stabilizer, the pictures have correct colours mostly, 12 megapixels, great autofocus, and more. It also has a built in GPS so the pictures contain info on where they are taken, fun when you are on vacation!

Anyway, here is the pattern for the camera cosy, enjoy! Please excuse the crappy iPhone pics though...

  • sock yarn leftovers, I would recommend a squishy yarn that doesn't shed too much. I used 10 grams (about 45 m/50 yd) of Cherry Tree Hill Sockittome in Sugar Maple
  • needles for working in the round, I used a 2.25 mm circ for Magic Loop
  • crochet hook for provisional CO

about 14 sts/5 cm (2")

My numbers are in brackets, have your camera handy to make a custom fit. Remember that the cosy should be snug with some negative ease.

Provisional CO (crochet around the needle with waste yarn, google it!) for the width of the camera (18 sts), work stockinette for the thickness of the camera (2,5 cm/1") slipping first st on every row. End with a RS row. This makes a rectangle the same size as the short side without the wrist strap.

Pick up 1 stitch in each slipped stitch on the short sides (2x5 sts) and unzip the provisional CO (16 sts for some reason, I was expecting 17) and start working in the round (44 sts) If you want 2x2 rib at the top the number of stitches has to be divisible by 4, fudge as necessary. Knit until the cosy is about 2 cm/1" shorter than camera (8 cm/3" from the picked up side stitches) and then work 2x2 rib until cosy reaches the top of the camera (try it on).

On the next round make a nice little hole for the wrist strap: Work 2x2 rib until 1 k before a purl valley that suits the position of the wrist strap. ssk (one knit and one purl stitch together), double yo, k2tog (one purl and one knit stitch together). On the next round k1, p1 into the double yo. On the round after that p2 to continue the 2x2 rib. Work rib until cosy is 1-2 cm/0.5-1" longer than camera when on. BO loosely.

Copyright Malin Nilsson 2010. This is my original pattern. Be nice, don't copy it and say it's yours,  don't sell it, and don't sell items made from it.

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