Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rudyard baby sweater

When I saw Kim's pattern for Kipling I just had to make it. But it was very small and when I tried to make the pattern larger I got confused by the sleeve construction. So I made my own version, and of course it had to be named Rudyard!


Size: 6 months


Garnstudio Alaska (75 m / 50 g) 100% wool
6 balls main colour 11 (dark red)
1 ball contrasting colour 52 (blue), or an extra ball in main colour

4,5 mm (US 7) needles, or size to get gauge
1 thin extra needle, 2 mm (US 0) or so

18 m = 10 cm (4”)

CO 50 sts in contrasting colour using longtail CO. Work 5 rows (2 cm, 0,75”) stocking stitch, 1st row is a purl row. Switch to main colour. Knit 2 rows for folding edge. Work 6 rows stocking stitch, first row is knit. Weave in all ends (except working end)

On the next round (right side) the CO edge is knit together with the sts for a neat hem. If you find this too fiddly, just ignore this section and sew down the hem when finishing the sweater.

Pick up 48 sts from the CO round with a thin needle.

The edge with picked-up sts

Knit 1. Knit 1 stitch from the ordinary needle together with one stitch from the extra needle 48 times. Knit 1.

K2tog, one st from each needle

From the back

The finished hem

Work in st st until work measures 28 cm (11”) from the bottom. Put sts on a thread.

Work like the back. When work measures 21 cm (8,25”) the middle 18 sts are put on a thread. Work each side separately until they measure 28 cm (11”) from the bottom. Put sts on a thread.

CO 36 sts with contrasting colour. Work edge as for the back. Work st st until work measures 16 cm (6,25”) Bind off. Make another sleeve.

Soak all parts and block according to the sketch. Let dry. Kitchener the shoulders.

Pick up about 50 sts along the sides and back of the neck, from the right side. The number of sts should be a multiple of 4, plus 2 sts (for example 46, 50, or 54 sts) Knit ribbing, p2, k2 for 10 cm (4”) or desired length. Bind off in pattern.

Front neck
Move the 18 sts from thread to needle. Work one knit row from the right side and one knit row from the back for folding edge. Change to contrasting colour and work 3 rows st st. Bind off. Sew down the hem neatly.

Weave in all ends. Sew the sleeves to the front-and-back. Sew the side- and sleeve seams. Done!


  1. Thank you both, I'm glad you like it :-)

  2. åh en sån söt liten tröja du stickat

  3. THANK YOU. You've addressed exactly the issues I've been facing with the Kipling. I've made some mods already to the pattern, but you've provided a larger size, which is wonderful.

  4. I'm glad you find it useful, thank you for telling me :-)

  5. I made the original for my grandson and you are right it's very tiny. I think he wore it twice. Thanks for a bigger version.
    What size would this one fit ?

  6. The sweater has a 22" chest, it's about a six-month size. Depending on the size of the baby of course ;-)

  7. I like this pattern but am only a newbie knitter. What does it mean in the pattern for assembly where it says "kitchener" the shoulders?


  8. Pauline: Kitchener stitch is a way of joining two edges with live stitches invisibly. There is a video of the technique here: scroll down a bit.

  9. nice sweater!

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